will I lose toonboom 6?

so anyway i have to restart my laptop completely back to fresh out the box new. i wanted to know if I do this will i have to buy the program again? i don’t have an CD so I’m guessing I could go to my downloads on my Account and re-download it I’m hoping

You can download it again from your account page. Your license will be good for a second activation only. This second activation is provided as a backup.

If ever you need to reinstall again, you should return your Toon Boom Studio license first and then there will be no problem.

so wait. could i just return and download over and over again or no?

Yes, you can download it again. It’s the activation you have to keep track of. For example, if you reformat your computer a second time, without first returning your license key, you will lose the license. Make sure to “return” your license key if you plan to reformat.

See this entry in the knowledge base for more info about returning your product code:


Hope this helps.