Will I be able to open Animate2 projects in AnimatePRO?


if I upgrade to PRO I will automatically lose my Animate2 License.

With PRO, will I be able work on older projects I created with Animate2?

The PLE versione does not let me do this. Is that just a PLE limitation?


Just a ple limitation.

You can open standard animate files in pro.

Further you can use your pro licence to run standard animate. I have both standard and pro running on the one licence on the one computer.

Thank you TheRaider.

Upgrade it is, then!


Also, from what i understand (i haven’t really tested this much) you should also be able to open pro files in standard if they aren’t using any pro only stuff.

I see. Yes, to be able to work both ways would be nice.

Although for now the email with my PRO product code squarely states:

"To receive your permanent Animate Pro 2 Product Code, you must return the Animate product code to Toon Boom. This means you will no longer be able to use Animate."


Great, thank you for this confirmation Lilly.

I am very happy I upgraded to PRO!


I just checked. I only have the pro licence on my desktop and I can open Animate and Animate Pro at the same time. I don’t know if this isn’t the way it is meant to work but it works for me.

The return of the licence is just what toonboom does with upgrades cause they only want you having one code. I don’t know why they have this policy, just that they do.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but if you open an Animate project in Animate Pro, do some stuff and save it, can you still then open up in Animate?

Thing is, I’m about to do some inbetweening work for someone who has Animate and I have Animate Pro so they’re going to need to be able to work with my files after I’ve done the work.

You can use both with your pro licence, so I would advise doing some tests first but it appears there is compatability as long as you don’t use pro only features.

THanks James

Thanks Lilly!

TheRaider is correct - you will be able to run both and also open projects in both - it’s just that you can’t have both licenses running at the same time. You need to return your Animate license to run Animate Pro.




Just make sure you’re both on the same version. If you’re both on Version 2, it should be okay, but also keep in mind that if you add any effects or anything that don’t exist in Animate, then they won’t show up.