Will Harmony 18 be coming in 2020?

I know we have tough time in this 2020, but is there any chance for us to see major update for harmony (ideally 18) this year?
Of course detailed info won’t be revealed yet but it would be great if we know it’s possible to be released in 2020 because I love this wonderful software.

Thank you.

Hello Beatgram!

We cannot comment on what products might currently be in development at this point in time, but thank you so much for showing interest in a new version of our product! Our R&D team, as usual, are hard at work on new things that we will announce when the time is right.

With that said, if you want to hear Toon Boom news the second it comes out, I highly encourage joining the Toon Boom Official Discord and/or following us on social media, which you can find all the links to here: https://www.toonboom.com/community

Hope to see the light soon. Thanks, anyway!