Will Bones come to Animate as well?

Have been looking at the new Bones features in Studio 6 - will this feature be added to Animate as well?

has anyone used it in practice?

Would it be an upgrade from the current IK system?

I think that if bones have a similar concept that Anime Pro, its a goal in flexibility and natural movement of joints, that can be adjusted by influence method, producing a real distortion in a single drawing element influenced by the bones.
A great program as Toon Boom Studio with a bones plus is a really good news for all Toon Boom users. This feature added to inverse kinematics would be an high advance in the cut out animation method in Animate 3.
Great expectation!

Is there any answer from Toon Boom?
Because some poeple upgraded from Studio to Animate and now no possibility to upgrade to Studio 6.
(Sorry for the bad English)

There will be a similar tool that is being developed for Animate. Also Animate Pro will have a more advanced Bone-style feature.

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Lilly - thanks for your answer.
When will it be possible to compare both features to choose?

Will it be for Animate 3? or a downloadable patch for 2? … silly question I know … :stuck_out_tongue: :-* :wink: ;D ??? :-[ :-\ 8)

Please make it a patch

Not a silly question at all. I’m curious to hear the answer.

I think Alex means silly as he already pretty much knows the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this tool to animate pro should be much more complex, such as compatibility with both vector and bitmap, large hierarchy movement pro-style anime … either a patch or actulizacion, which comes well-developed tool ;D

I don’t have any information yet on what the feature will be for the Animate series, as it is still in development. However I don’t believe that you should see the bone tool as a replacement for the current IK system. You can get beautiful rigs using the current system. There may, however, be some situations where a bone-type tool would be useful, like if you have a swinging tail for instance.

I will let you know when I have any further information on this topic.

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When that happens I guess I can finally switch to TBA 100% and bid a tearful farewell to Anime Studio. That’s a bit exciting