Wiki Up

Good morning fellow Toon Boom users, it’s time to wiki up. There is always discussion about wanting better documentation about using TBS and there are many of us out there working hard in our “spare” time to write tutorials and articles and make videos to help our fellow users. If you are interested in learning more about using TBS, I certainly invite you to drop over to the Cartooning in Toon Boom blog today. Not just to read the latest tutorial or multi-part series of articles but to learn more about the wiki new world that’s out there to make your Toon Boom life easier. You can thank Rob Campbell for lighting the fuse along with Kdog and the Calico Monkey. But as of today there is a new “Bang” to go along with the “Boom”. So check it out. -JK

Looks great already, thanks for taking the time to put this site up. Whats that make, 4 for you? Jeez, some people will take any excuse to avoid real work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, this is very likely to become an unbelievable resource, and it would be very nice if the forum mods would link it, if not in the support/family areas, then maybe sticky a thread with a link to it? Not even in the interest of promoting it, but so we don’t have to constantly repeat the same posts saying “you can find your answer right here.” If not it’s no big deal, but it would certainly be a nice gesture.

Hopefully many people will visit & contribute, I look forward to seeing the site grow.
Thanks again, JK

Hey Pat,
Yes if nothing else it should start to be a habit to point people to a page or keyword search on the wiki to find out how to do stuff. That is exactly why a wiki is so useful. Knowledge that needs to be looked up frequently is easy to find in a wiki. Tutorials go better in a blog, and Q&A belongs in a forum, but when you want to find how something works or “whats a peg?” there is nothing better than a wiki. We will all be learning how to best use this new tool over the summer, it should be pretty exciting. I added the Toon Boom Studio Wiki link to my signature so it’s all over the forums easy to find now. -JK