Wierd Display Issue with Toon Boom 3

Hey. I just started running into a wierd problem with Toon Boom 3 on my Windows XP machine. The windows that are displayed when the program is running are all “chopped” up. Here’s a jpg of what it looks like:


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling TB3 but that didn’t solve the issue. If anyone has run into this, I’d appreciate any info you can share. Thanks in advance!

JP Roberts

I’m getting the exact same error with the demo. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Toon Boom, but I’m very worried to hear if this issue is happening in the full retail version too.

BTW. If it helps. Im running WindowsXP with SP2. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (latest drivers). P4 3.0ghz and 1gig of ram.

Any help would be great!

i have the same error!!!
nvidia gforce mx4000


The problem is most likely caused by some Skin you are using for your display of window. Simply shut it down for the time you use Toon Boom Studio and the problem should be solved. If you are still having the problem make sure to send us an e-mail with a complete list of what is running on your PC while you start Toon Boom Studio so we can identify the problem.

To contact us send your message to techsupport@toonboomstudio.com

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i’ve seen threads on this topic already here.

before anyone posts his problem, a small research on the forum with a relevant search expression wouldn’t harm. otherwise we must explain the same things for the xth time again.

Gester was right.
Look at Drg’s post under the “General/launching” headings. I had the same problem, and it could only be fixed by uninstalling my Alienware GUI. Disabling XP style didn’t work for me, the Alienware GUI had to go.

Problem solved.

there’s a vast amount of solved problems in forum. i would wish (but who has time to do this? ::)) an art of a pinned faq-list with all addressed and solved issues here.

there is a faq list for studio product, but i ends with the version v2.0, as far as i can remember…