Wide screen resolution

Here is my problem.

I want to make a dvd at widescreen resolution entirely with PSD. files with transparent backgrounds. In toonboom, there is a slight white halo around any imported picture with a transparent background. To minimize that, I am rendering at double widescreen resolution and then resizing in Premier.

So, my Premier project is at 720 x 480 (widescreen).
I made my project double that resolution at 1440 x 960.
I exported in quicktime and when I go to import it into the frame, it doesn’t fill the wide part. So I am stuck with black area on both sides of my quicktime clip.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.


480x720 is the old 4:3 square standard. Wide screen is a 16:9 ratio like HDTV 720 x 1,280 or 1,080 x 1,920. When you doubled both vertical and horizontal you maintained a 4:3 ratio. You need to create your project in the widescreen ratio. For an existing project you will have to crop or stretch it into the widescreen ratio.

for loosing the with halo just fill the masked are of the image in the same color of the edge of the selection of the masked image.
and ther is no halo any more