Why wont my pivot points stay in the same spot??

Can anyone help? This is extremely frustrating as i have set each pivot point with the pivot tool and when i try to reset the pivot point it remains in the same place, but when i go to transform the joint articulation it will reset again

Can anyone help?


Rotating was EXTREMELY frustrating for me too. I still am not great at it, but here’s what I’ve come to understand. There are 3 tools you use to rotate, and they’re not interchangeable:
1) The transform tool: Use this to rotate an object, but not to animate it.
2) The pivot tool: Use this to rotate single layers, like the hand at the end of an arm or something.
3) The Advanced Animation rotate tool: Use this to rotate groups of layers in an animation (I didn’t know this existed for a long time, but open “Windows” > “Tool Bars” > “Advanced Animation” to find it)
Hope that helps for a start. The TB moderators will probably give you a lot more detail.
~ Justin :slight_smile:


You may have already thought of this, but Chapter 51 in the video tutorial series is pretty good on pivots. If that doesn’t help and you get no other assistance, try re-creating the problem from scratch using the minimum amount of data possible e.g something like two layers, a drawing in each then report back.


Let me see if I can break it down for you.

Drawing Layers
- There is an embedded pivot on each drawing of a drawing layer. On each new drawing, you can use the PIVOT TOOL to set the pivot. Every time you use the Transform tool, it will take this pivot into consideration
- The Transform Tool: This has its own TEMPORARY pivot - so if you move the pivot around on the transform tool, when you de-select and re-select it will be back to its previous position
- The Rotate Tool: If you move the pivot in the centre of the rotate tool, it moves the pivot point for the WHOLE layer - so if you have used the Pivot Tool to set pivot points, then those pivot points will all be moved - so beware of moving this pivot point around.

Peg Layers
- Peg layers do not have drawings in them, so you can only have ONE pivot for the whole layer. As such, if you want to move the pivot of your peg layer, then you can use the ROTATE tool to do so.
- A Different option, if you’re using Animate Pro only, is to use a drawing layer and send its drawing pivots up to the parent peg - and you would do this by making the drawing layer a child of the peg layer. Then in the Layer Properties of your drawing layer, in the Drawing tab, you can change Embedded Pivots to "Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg"

I hope this helps!