Why were Lilly's responses deleted from this forum?

For many years Lilly from ToonBoom has been helping users in this forum with countless detailed responses. Now you deleted and blocked all of her replies. Why? Whenever I google something she already answered it just shows a “message deleted” note instead of what probably was the answer. Very frustrating! Is there a way for you to bring her messages back?

All the best,

It’s the same for me, every message from Lilly is invisible and she’s shown as a blocked account.

Maybe Toom Boom staff should use the forums with a company profile and sign with their names at the end. What you do for the company belongs to the company, so this type of information shouldn’t be on a personal (?) account that you’ll have (?) to block or remove. I can’t imagine, for instance, removing all the Toon Boom Tips from Youtube.

Luis Canau

Hi everyone,

We brought back Lilly’s posts and understand the positive impact she had in the Forum. We are very sorry for the inconvenience or the frustrations this situation may have caused.


I read a couple yesterday that I pulled up through a Google search. She had more than one account. I tried a few random searches using the forum search and Google. Looks like one account has been removed/blocked. Must be a recent thing. I have been able to pull up her posts from both accounts previously.

It is unfortunate that Toon Boom did not just lock the account. Removing the posts is counterproductive. It hurts Toon Boom users. Her posts were very helpful.

However, it is fairly common practice these days for companies to follow a security protocol collecting passes, badges, keys, cancelling and blocking access to company business, changing locks and codes, etc. when an employee leaves the company.