Why the heck would updating to El Capitan empty the audio folder in my Storyboard Pro 4.2 projects

Has anyone else had El Capitan corrupt old project files?

I guess this is more of a heads up, reminding folks how important it is to maintain separate backup drives for archived stuff.

I’ve worked in SBPro since it first came out and upgraded my Mac a bunch of times - always between jobs - and I never had any issues. I upgraded to El Capitan while working in house at Arc Productions and now that it’s gone bankrupt, I need to go through older samples for my portfolio.

I opened a few projects (done in 4.2, which is what I’m still using) and kept getting a warning that the audio files couldn’t be found. I poked around and found that in nearly all my old project folders, the audio folder is empty. Out of about 20 or so 2015 boards project files, all but one of them had empty audio folders.I can’t figure out - how in hell would that happen?

Anyway, be careful out there.

Hi Paul,

This issue has not been encountered on our side, but we would like to investigate a bit further. On our side, 4.2 projects on El Capitan did not have this issue.

Would it be possible to send us one of the project where you lost your audio files?

It would be interesting to know (I am not sure it is possible at this point), if the folder was emptied when opening the scene the first time.
There could also be a possibility that there was permission issue when copying and pasting the file. Did you move your files at all before or after the upgrade?
Where were your files saved during the upgrade? (Documents? NFS Network? Samba)
Also do the file names or audio files have any special characters?

Someone mentioned these two apps to try to recup lost data:



Hi PaulBoom

Was the back up file zipped (compresssed) or not? If it was zipped or compressed, it will be very hard to have only sound file damaged other than entire zipped project unless it was already missing or damaged. So it is always recommended to zip or compress the entire saved project as for the back up. Storyboard Pro also has a feature for backup project as a file.

If the backed up file were not zipped or compressed, it is possible that the sound file inside of project might be damaged although it will be very rare. For your info, the sound/audio files are stored under /your_saved_project_folder/audio/ folder. If you can see the files and also can play, the original sound file is fine.

If you still wonder what would cause the issue, you can contact support@toonboom.com by providing the entire project with a sound issue for us to have a look for your confidential projects.

Hi Marie-Eve,

Thanks for taking the time to prepare such a thorough response to my problem. I’d be happy to send you an example -give me an email address and I’ll send you a link.

I got the dialogue box warning about the missing audio files when opening the project for the first time since the upgrade. I hadn’t moved any of them.

I did a Time Machine backup before the upgrade but now time machine isn’t showing me the state of my documents previous to the upgrade, so I’m a bit confused about that.

There were no special characters in any of the names. I was able to restore a few projects from backups and zipped versions, enough to put a few things into my portfolio.

In further googling, I found this article:


I was trying out the 3 month Apple Music subscription at the time of the upgrade, so maybe my hard drive was scanned and those audio files were uploaded to the Apple servers?


I zip the finished boards for upload and luckily still had a few of the projects in that form. Usually, I delete them after the the client has put the board into the production stream (to save space on my SS drive). I do use the backup file feature as the board is in progress.

Again, the sound files weren’t corrupted - they were missing from the audio folder in the Storyboard Pro project folders/packages.

Thanks for the email address - I’ll send a link to an example.