Why the fuzz and broken lines??

Hi everyone. If a moderator could take a look at my link that would be great. I used the pecil tool alot and many of my sharp,geometric lines tend to look a little fuzzy. I don’t know if its the compression or a rendering setting but I’m not so thrilled with it. Its meant to be 2d and flat but I don’t understand why some shapes appear perfectly solid and some appear with fuzz (monk’s blue face,lazers from their eyes). This is a slightly trippy,spooky video by the way! thanks. mm


This looks to me like a contrast issue. The diagonal lines are somewhat jaggy but depending on which color is on top of which it will look more or less fuzzy. This is why the laser looks better when on top of the dog then on top of the face.

You might want to try export to swf to define if you get the same result with vector renders and the stair case effect might also be caused by the anti-aliasing of the movie export.

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Hi Ugo. I’ve figured out the color contrasting over the last couple of days. Thanks for the rest of your tips as well. I’ll try them. mm