Why so much repetitive work in tutorials?

Looking at the tutorials for character building, there is an awful lot of tracing.
For example:

Why all the tracing, when a lot of lines can simply be copy/pasted?

Hi pohison,

really depends on how your character started off and what you need to achieve. You can copy and paste ‘stuff’ within drawing mode and from cell to cell, to save repeating lines etc.

If you are tracing a flat imported bit of artwork then there’s obviously an element of time consuming work to draw out and Rig your character. Or even just doing the tidy up work over your initial sketches can be a task, joys of animating :smiley:

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A lot of artists prefer tracing as they feel they can have a different strokes etc.

Feel free to copy and paste if it suits you best. I certainly do a lot of things that are atypical!