Why should I use pegs?

My question is for Animate Pro:

I don’t understand whats the difference between animating a rigged character without adding pegs and animating one with pegs.

I’m animating characters without pegs and everything is OK, so why the pegs?

The main reason is to keep your animation seperate to your drawings.

You will notice if you uncheck the peg your drawing goes back to the default position which is great for making changes.

Thanks a lot for the answers, sorry for the delay.
Thanks again all doubts cleared.

Also if you’re doing a lot of drawing swaps. What happens if for example you’ve got 10 different drawings for the hands, and you swap the drawings several times. Then you’ve also got keyframes on this drawing layer. If you try to drag and drop the keyframes, it’ll drag the drawings with it. You can alter the drag options but it’s kind of tedious to change the drag options all the time.

Also having pegs gives you the ability to group some drawings together independent of the hierarchy. For example, if you have a peg on each drawing layer, then you have another layer of pegs that controls the hierarchy, then you will have the ability to be able to modify that drawing on its own, but to modify the next parent peg to move that drawing with its children.