why should i upgrade from TBS studio 3.5?

why should i upgrade from TBS studio 3.5? I was wondering if anybody knew what was different in the latest version verses 3.5 thta i got about four years ago.
Also I was wondering if the upgrade would require more ram or a faster processor.

One more thing. In the description of TBS it said (- lipsink) in the features.
Did they do away with the lipsink that was featured in 3.5???

Hi.Since version 4 came multipass improvements, among them I can mention:
Availability of work spaces better structured, flexible and customizable.
Availability of peg included in each element
Traces of pencil-shaped eligible
Import-export of style and color palettes
Improvement to preview scanned
Possibility of using the fuzzy edges feather.
Orientable path elements with the curves of the path.
New alternative mode of onion skin as a progressive, full-color transparencies
Improved import size images, which is not limited to field 12. (Version 4.5)
You can incorporate movies to your project.
Create remarkable Stop-motion animation using your favorite characters
Annotation Layers
Easily export your animation directly to YouTube or Facebook
Ability to capture and stop-motion animation, digital image cropping (key), modernization of the aesthetic interface (version 5), to name a few.
Recommended equipment for version 5:
2 GHz Intel ® / AMD ® processor (3 GHz recommended)
Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / Tablet PC (32 bits)
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Video card supporting Direct3D or OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM
Monitor supporting 1280x1024 resolution
Internet Connection for activation
Free QuickTime Player ®
Free Adobe Reader ® 9 (or later)
The lip-synch it operates in a similar way. I hope you find it useful. Yoryo

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I will have to wait till i get a new computer. I will probably get it then for the new features.

In my experience, with a minimum Pentium 4 processor, 3 GB of RAM and graphics accelerator on-board Intel, Windows XP, the program runs fine, so you could update as recommended later and start working now with Toon Boom 5. You could try this option. Yoryo

I’m running a dual core 3GHz Intel CPU with 2GB of RAM and SATA drives. Performance was pretty poor until I added an NVIDIA card. Now TBS5 is running pretty well. Render speed seems slow so I’m considering adding more RAM. Never hurts.