Why Not Make Harmony 12 For 32 Bit?

recently i have tried to download harmony premium (free trial) and it would not work because it is meant for a 64 bit version of windows.
So I was a little TICKED so please ToonBoom make a harmony12 for 32 bit of windows :-(:-(:sad:

Note I have Installed EVERYTHING required but windows 64 bit because i have very valuable files on there
and i have found an older version that uses 32 bit

just do a partition inside your hard drive, copy all your important files, and install Windows 10 64 bit.

is faster, than to wait for a 32 bit harmony edition…that maybe never happens…

Harmony is too robust to run on 32bit, might crash too much

But I run Windows Vista Home Premium
|( ( :angry:

32 bit is outdated and obsolete. Everything is going 64 bit, jump on or be left behind… It is not cost effective to continuing to support 32 bit. Vista is dead, and it’s been dead since April 2012. By dead I mean no longer available or supported officially by Microsoft.

well did you know I NEED PERMISSION TO UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10!!! :angry:

Ok… So get permission… Man, chill out… Ain’t gonna do any good to get all rage-y…

I asked

and no

Who are you asking? And why exactly do you need to ask permission? Whomever is refusing you will be up the creek themselves as well if they don;t upgrade. 32bit is dead. Long live 64bit…

my dad it costs money for me to upgrade

if you do not know how to draw, I suggest to take a course on drawing BEFORE using Toon boom, you will thanks me later :wink:
free courses on youtube on how to draw.

You can get old versions of Toon Boom, like Studio or Animate, (works in 32 bits) and then when you learn those you can switch to harmony

OR find somebody on your family that knows about computers…

(upgrade to Windows 10 is free…for all legit windows owners…) but do not do it yourself…

Wait: you have no money to upgrade, but you do have money to pay for Toonboom? Toonboom is expensive, you know.

Anyway, Windows 10 is a free upgrade, as VisualBug mentioned to you. You may want to ask someone with hardware/software knowledge to help you in upgrading it.

In addition, many free high-quality animation apps exist for Windows, some 32bit, most available for 64bit only:

Plastic Animation Paper (works on 32bit) http://animationpaper.com/old-pap-free-download/

OpenToonz just was released as open source and free (the software Studio Ghibli and Futurama work with) Unfortunately only for 64bit.

The room layout is utterly confusing, and aimed at Ghibli’s paper-based workflow. Here are instructions to reset the interface to a more friendly one:

Blender with cutout animation tools (free and open source), and still available as a 32bit version! Tremendously powerful animation tools for 3d work. And with the new 2d cutout animation tools it becomes rather easy to animate such characters in Blender.
https://github.com/ragtag/coa_tools/tree/gimp/GIMP (alternative Gimp character exporter if you do not have access to Photoshop)
More info:

Soon full 2d frame-by-frame drawn animation support too (already possible up to a point, btw)

Krita just introduced frame-by-frame animation. https://krita.org/item/3-0-pre-alpha-3-is-out/
Sorry, only 64bit.

And VisualBug is also correct in stating you may want to start to learn to draw as well. Get some good books on animation: for example, The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams, and the book by Prestion Blair.

Most importantly: have fun animating. The software is not that important.

If ever there was a case of placing the cart before the horse…

I don’t have any money at all

My dad and me are pc nerdz

Microsoft won’t be offering a free Windows 10 upgrade to any old Windows Vista PCs you might have around. Only Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs get to join the new Windows 10 era for free. But Windows 10 will certainly run on those Windows Vista PCs. googled that and i know how to animate

My dad had win 7 and now win 10

Take up a job as a paperboy, and deliver papers for a while? Do work in your family’s garden, wash the car, etc. for a higher allowance? Make a website for a family member’s business, and ask for a Windows 10 license in return? Visit a local computer store, and ask if they might have a licensed OEM version of Windows 7 lying around for you to have? Find ways to save your family money, and present it to them - perhaps they will get you a Windows 10 license in return.

Be creative. Really, many ways to earn a bit of money. Once you have a 64bit Windows, you might want to try OpenTOonz as well - free and open source! Toonboom also costs money, you know. Or keep earning more money until you can afford ToonBoom.