why no reason to roll back TBS?

I have TBS 7, I like it because it’s very stable on my system now. With prior versions I’ve had issues were it would frequently crash and so I really enjoy V7 now.
I want to upgrade to this final version 8 (before the software is retired) but I saw a note saying you cannot roll back after the upgrade!

If V8 becomes unstable on my system I really would like the ability to go back to V7, anybody had dwelt with this issue before?

Can anybody talk about the stability of the latest version compared to V7?

Also, is it my imagination or do you actually get a simpler more well rounded product with TBS than a stripped down version of Harmony (Essentials)?

To roll back from 8 to 7 you may have to do a complete HDD format and fresh operating system and software install but if it is important enough it is worth it.

There are some features in Studio that are not in Harmony Essentials. Studio runs sluggishly if not inched along. On my Mac Mini Studio 7 has been stable. Essentials is Premium with features blocked so that in and of itself could be frustrating while using the software as things exist but are unavailable to you. Going with Essentials is good for those planning to move up because they are going to have a chance to familiarize with the interface.

I asked this because I recently upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 and after a week went back to Win-7! I can clearly say …until I’m forced to…I will not upgrade to WIN-10 anytime soon! But gladly MS made it a simple roll-back, it’s sad that toonboom would take such drastic steps to prevent a roll back! WHY?? It should be real simple to uninstall and re-install if you wanted to roll back!

To think they went through the trouble to prevent this when they could simply ensure that the license is being used by only a selected number of computers is way out of bounds!

One question about Harmony essentials, do you know if the features in this base version allows for traditional drawn animation? In short did they gut the tools to do simple frame-by-frame animation using a wacom tablet etc?
While I will do this along with some bones rigging, I don’t care about cut-outs or stop-motion. For Harmony essentials are these tools at or above what’s in ToonBoom studio?

With Essentials you can do traditional frame by frame but the full capability of the pencil and brush tool is unavailable. It would offer at least as much as Studio. Studio’s brush and pencil tool was has not been that elaborate.

I am sure Toon Boom Support would guide you to all of the files deposited in your system so you could reinstall an earlier version. It is even possible that you may be able to run 7 and 8 side by side. I don’t know but they would help you with this.

Thanks a lot for your help. I think there’s nothing else to do but either contact tbs personally ,and test drive Harmony myself.