Why is this board so non-responsive to posted questions?

I’ve been trying to learn Harmony software over the last several weeks and have been calling out to other Harmony users on this Forum with various posts for help with the roadblocks I’ve been running into.

I’ve also been a TVPaint user for a number of years, and am familiar with using TVPaint’s Forum. I have to say that when I post a question on TVPaint’s Forum, my question is almost always answered within a few hours of posting it, and often by numerous responders. By contrast, I’ve been having a very frustrating experience with posting questions on this Toon Boom Forum, usually waiting many days with no responses at all.

Given that Toon Boom’s user community is supposedly much larger than that of TVPaint’s user community, why is this happening?

Toon Boom Harmony is great software. But I’m learning it out of necessity as most studios are requiring its use nowadays, so please don’t suspect my posting as a competitor’s attempt to hurt Toon Boom’s reputation. I like the software. I just want to know why the User Forum is as useless as it is. If I were a newbie trying to decide between software platforms, this would definitely weigh in on my decision.

Hello SketChBoy1958!

There are a few reasons why this forum might seem unresponsive in its current form and we are in the process of putting some long term plans in motion to not only encourage people to talk to each other more here, but also help each other with questions such as yours while we are plan long term content development for the forums as well. A diverse array of people use our products, from hobbyists to professionals working at top of the line studios and in today’s modern interconnected world, some groups of people are preferring a more fast paced conversation platform instead of traditional forums as their preferred forms of communication and because of that forums and the kinds of conversation they have traditionally been used for are having to evolve, which we are working on long term for our own forum as well!

Long story short: For now, if you are looking for animation discussion at a faster pace or quick help with non-license related questions, I would suggest joining our ever growing Discord community, which can be found here: https://discord.gg/kVyp4g5

You can also reach out to our extended community via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

Our forums will continue to be getting content added to it at a steady pace as they also grow and evolve and a lot of changes are coming in both the short-term and long-term, we promise!

Thank you for your feedback.

Hey SketChBoy, maybe you should try out the Toon Boom server on Discord. There is a lot of talk all day.
In this forum things are going slow. But if there is someone to know a solution you will get answer.

Thanks DS and Steven for alerting me to the Discord forum! It looks as though it will be much more responsive to questions about Harmony.

The Toon Boom Discord group is much more active , but honestly I do NOT like the Discord format. It’s like one long run-on conversation jumbled together … There are no individual topics that can be easily referenced when searching. You can search the Discord group for certain keywords when you’re trying to find something , but it’s kind of a mess.

If you’re looking for a fast answer to a question the Discord group is good depending on which users are online at the moment and if they decide to engage with your question , but consider it more like live, in-the-moment chat . It’s not an archived database of answers.