Why is the tutorial images an unknown file?

Maybe if I word this better, someone can help me out. When I open a lesson TBS file, the workspace will open but not the image. My computer says, “The file is related to a drawing and could not be found…” Huh?

TBS projects are actually packages of many files. Some of those files are informational / control files while others of those files are assets. Control files tell the render engine and the workspace part of the application how to find and use assets. Assets are things like drawings, images and recorded sound.

So the error you are receiving is telling you that one of the control files is having a problem finding one or more of the asset files. This usually means that some part of the project was corrupted during download and is missing or when the project was saved there was some reason that a particular file was not saved appropriately. Two potential courses of correcting this are (1) download a new copy of the tutorial project and (2) insure that your system is allowing appropriate read write privileges where you are saving your project files.-JK

Also, make sure that after you download the file, you extract all the contents from the zip file. If you double-click on the file, and it opens in winzip, then you double-click on the tutorial files without extracting them, then it won’t be able to find all the files properly.