WHY is the Pencil Editor Tool REMOVED? :'(

It was there in Storyboard Pro 3D…
And i can’t find it in Storyboard Pro 4.
I can’t imagine why they would delete it!
It was so handy and i miss it very much.

Does anyone know some sort of replacement?
How to change the thickness of pencil strokes after they have been drawn.

Very sad…

Greetings :slight_smile:

There was no pencil editor tool in SB3D, it was done using the select tool. The functionality you describe is still there… Select your pencil line using the select tool. In the “Tool Properties” window, modify the value for “Pencil Selection” by typing or using the small triangles to resize the line width.

It really was there!
Take a look at this old ‘‘new in sbp3D’’ page:

Second under ‘‘True Pencil’’

But thanks! :slight_smile: I didn’t expect something like that to be in the Select Tool properties. Too bad it still doesn’t offer as much flexibility as the Pencil Editor Tool, but this will do! (in most cases)