Why is the only 3D file type integrated into SBPro's workflow an FBX from 2012?

I gotta say, not being able to use a more modern file type is highly irritating. I am gonna be teaching a Hollywood studio of people how to use the 3D features and they SUCK. Ok they suck. It’s complicated and not everyone knows how to use Maya so what happens when someone makes a 3d model and it wont open correctly in Harmony?

Fix this please? Also an answer would be nice.

Hello Mysterious,

We appreciate the honest feedback since we are always looking to improve our software and we always strive to give our community what they want.

Please note that we currently support more than just .FBX, we actually support all of the following formats:

Filmbox (.fbx)
3DS Max (.3ds)
Wavefront OBJ (.obj)
Allembic (.abc)
Collada (.dae)

Which you can find on our official documentation here: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-16/premium/3d-integration/import-as-3d-object.html

Are you trying to import any of the above file types and running into the errors? If so, please let us know so that we can help troubleshoot things for you!

If the file types you are aiming for are not on that list, can you give us some examples of file types not in the above list and 3D programs that you would like to see us support? Giving us as much information as possible will allow us to look into it.

Also I’m going to move this to the Harmony section of our forums since your original post indicated that this was a Harmony issue.

Just issues. Sometimes textures wont loadin…sometimes they do…you need a far more thorough explanation as to what can happen what kinds of errors are common, and WHY . Same goes for Harmony. Trying to get 3d to work there is like pulling teeth and having to rely on maya to render…not good at all.