Why is puppet outline red?

I made a puppet template which looks fine.

When I import my character into a new project some parts of his body have a red outline.

I tried importing his colour pallet but it makes no difference.

Please advise.

Apparently I might have touched up my character here and there with the default pallete. It looks fine until I bring the template into a new project.
I have been tweaking my template, trying to identify which strokes are not from the character specific pallete.

When I ‘correct’ the strokes they show up in the main animation after I drag the refreshed puppet into the scene. The old puppet does not update.

I have been trying figure out how to get the scene puppet to update according to whatever changes were made to the template but its tricky.
I use paste special but it brings in a whole new set of images into the peg and then I have to paste special the keyframes to the new layers.

That seems a round about way to go about things. Seems like whatever changes made to the template should just automatically apply to whatever instances of the puppet I made. The existing layers should just update instead of creating new layers with a added number to their name.

Maybe I’m spoiled by After Effects.

How exactly are you creating your template? When you do an “Edit Template” on the template, does it contain the proper colour palettes necessary?


Well there’s a reason that it doesn’t do that by default - because there are instances in which you want to bring in the same template multiple times and make changes on each instance of the template in your scene. Let’s say you want your template to be a robot, then you want to bring it in a couple of times and change the colours on one of them so that you can have two different teams of robots fighting each other.

I assume that by this point you’ve finished all your animation as well, have you? It does become a little more complicated at this point - it’s easy to add new drawings to the template in the scene, but it’s a little bit harder to replace existing drawings. Let me double-check on this one and get back to you.


So after some investigation, it’s not going to be easy to update the drawings. But we found a way to work around this that should solve your problem.

What you should do is go into your colour palette. Click on the menu button at the top left hand corner of the colour window and select Import. Now what you should do is browse for the original scene palette - that original default palette that you drew your drawings with. This should import that palette into your scene and get rid of the red.

In the future if you see red, it’s a good idea to deal with the issue right away instead of going ahead and doing your animation. To fix the problem you can always import the default palette into your master template, or simply clone the colours that are causing you the issue into your master template.