Why is my pencil lagging? Please, for the love of animation, help!

I think I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. I’m so close to finishing my project but this thing that is happening is bugging the sh#t out of me.

When I use my pencil, I draw the thing and if stops mid way through my stroke. And I thought it might just be me using harmony essentials but I’ve seen other people with the same problem.

I use a windows computer and its a windows 7.DO NOT SHOOT ME BECAUSE I’M NOT A TECH GEEK AND CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN BY (high technology thing). So if anyone can help me, I appreciate it a lot. Ask me any questions if you don’t understand something I said. Almost any help is appreciated. (unless I’ve heard it before.)

Okey dokey. Get ready for lots of questions :slight_smile:

You say you’re close to finishing your project? Has it been doing this the entire time, or just started now?

How are you drawing with the pencil? Mouse or tablet or trackpad?

If it’s a tablet, which brand is it?

Does it do it with the paintbrush?

How big is your scene? Roughly how many frames? Lots of layers? Deformers?

Does it happen consistently or just now and then?

I use a Mac, just upgraded to the latest OS and this started happening for me to. Fortunately for me it’s only when I’m using the trackpad on my laptop. If I switch to my yiynova tablet I have no issues. Fingers crossed you get some answers

It’s likely your graphic card. Contact support to have a look on
your system.

If you can get someone that good with computers to help with
this, try re-installing the graphic card driver (software that
tells the graphic card how to work).