Why is Harmony replacing Studio?

Hello! Several years back I discovered Toon Boom Studio, an animation software that was cleverly designed, had a great community, and was intuitive and simple to animate with. I had been vaguely interested in the software back then, but had never actually wound up buying it. Resume back to now, and I’m again trying to find a good animation software. I remembered Toon Boom Studio, and decided that I would be willing to shell out $250.00 for it, considering that it did the same thing as Adobe Flash, but for a much cheaper price. I visited the download page for Toon Boom Studio, and much to my dismay it said:

“Toon Boom Studio has retired!
After several years of fun and creativity, Toon Boom Studio has now retired. If you are looking for an amazing and easy to use animation software to create cartoon, look at our Award-Winning product Harmony Essentials.”

So naturally, I checked out Harmony. After doing some research on the price, and the product itself, I decided I wasn’t interested. So my three questions are:

  1. Why is Toon Boom Studio being retired?

  2. Is Toon Boom Studio going to be available sometime in the near future?

  3. How can I access Toon Boom Studio?

Thanks Everyone!

Toon Boom wants to have one software that can be upgraded instead of having multiple software programs that are not compatible with each other, it is unlikely they bring back Toon Boom Studio, there isn’t much difference between Toon Boom Studio and Essentials, I paid over $400 for Toon Boom Studio 3.5 years ago

And how much does Harmony Essentials cost?

Hi Brendanberny,

Indeed, we are migrating our animation products under the Harmony banner to have consistency and full compatibility. The closest to Toon Boom Studio is Harmony Essentials which is available in 2 models: perpetual license or subscription.

The pricing can be found here: https://store.toonboom.com/harmony-12-essentials-annual-desktop-subscription-silver-support

  • Subscription: 15$ per month for annual subscription (incluses Silver support)
  • Subscription: 23$ per month without commitment (incluses Silver support)
  • Perpetual license: 375$ (Support available for purchase)

You can also download a free trial license to test out the product.

Hope this helps!