im usin the toon boom demo.
can sum1 tell me y when i try to import my flash file it says “”""""""“INVALID FLASH MOVIE”"""""""""


If you are using the 2.5 Demo the Flash file needs to be saved as a Flash 5 file. Flash 6 and 7 will give you that error.


cool thanx alot

can u help me agen plz
when i import the file it goes spasticated.
file 1 had 8 layers and when it was imported there wre 3 seperate drawings.
and file 2 had 1 layer but a shape tween when imported there was 1 drawing but the brawing was on line 40

is this because im using the demo.
or have i missed anything out.


I maybe wrong but I don’t think TB will keep the layers of a SWF Flash file when you import into TB, It will create one squence of frames. There is a Toon Boom Studio Importer for Flash but it is used to import TB files into Flash and it will keep the layers of the TB file. It is in the download section and it is free. You maybe able to use it for what you want.


ive figured it out. if i put keyframes in all of my frames my tween works.