Why free for upgrade Animate Pro 1 to Animate Pro 2?

If I buy Animate Pro 2 can I free upgrade for next version of Animate Pro 2.
Or This is promotion.

The people who bought Animate Pro 2 just before it was released were upgraded from version 1 to version 2 for free. If you buy Animate Pro 2 now you will have to pay the upgrade price when version 3 is released.

Why it hasn’t price of upgrade from Animate Pro 1 to Animate Pro 2 in Online Store.

It has just upgrade from Animate 1

I’m not sure what exactly is in the online store, but if you sign on with your user account that has your Animate Pro 1 license key in it, does it give you an option to upgrade from that license?

If you have problems upgrading through the website, then feel free to send an email to sales@toonboom.com and they can help you with the upgrade.

Toon Boom Support


As we stand every user of Animate Pro 1 are entitled to get the upgrade to Animate Pro 2 for free.

For more information about the process of how to get it done you can relate to the following knowledge base article:


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