Why does this not show?

I may be overlooking something simple, as I haven’t really used tb in depth for over a year now, but can someone tell me why this drawing won’t show in sceneplanning mode when it shows in drawing mode?

Here is drawing mode, as you can see the character is clearly there on frame 273 of Drawing 6.


Yet here on sceneplanning mode, with drawing 6 visible, on frame 273, the character doesn’t show!!


I can’t for the life of me understand why. Does anyone know how to rectify this?


Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 / OSX 10.4.8

Well, I am not sure how much has changed since version 2,
but sometimes (rather mostly) the object in drawing-view is logically in a different position than in camera-view.

Create a circle in drawing-view and in top-view move it out of view -
in drawing-view your drawing doesn’t move. In camera-view it does.

Still in drawing-view, move your circle out of view -
you will see in top-view that it doesn’t move at all.

So, what you see in drawing-view you’re not necessarily see in camera-view
and the other way round.

In your case your drawing might be just out of camera-focus in camera-view.


Now i feel stupid :stuck_out_tongue: I did check this but obviously not enough. I was thinking the red circle one of my pegs was the camera, rather than the / shape, doh! Shows what a year out of the loop can do! Admittedly it WAS 11pm and i had been working all day but still, silly me!

Thanks then, it’s sorted now! (I’ll remove the pics so as not to take up as much space :))