Why does moving the camera mess up my drawings?

First off, I use Toon Boom Harmony Essentials.

I drew a couple vehicles, and using the top and side view moved some of the parts along the Z axis, such as the inside of the vehicle and the doors on the opposite end, etc… behind the layers of the front doors and the outside of the vehicle (pics attached for better understanding). When I move the camera left/right or up/down it acts as though it is not all one drawing, but separate drawings, distorting the car (again, pics attached for better understanding). Now for my question, is it possible to have one drawing with layers at different positions of the Z axis act as one single drawing, and not move around when the camera view changes, as if the drawing isn’t one solid drawing? Thank you!

Note: The first picture is without the camera moved, the second picture is with the camera moved.

EDIT: To clarify, as I know I could move the parts all to the same position on the Z axis and cure this problem, parts of the drawing are at different positions of the Z axis so I can have characters go in and out of the car as they move along the Z axis.

EDIT 2: Also, if it is not possible to have separate layers in different positions along the Z axis act as one solid drawing, what are my options for allowing characters to move in front of, inside of, and behind the vehicle without any cuts in the scene? I found moving the character layers below the vehicle layers in the timeline to not work, as it permanently changes the character layers in the timeline whenever I “re-organize” them, rather than just changing their position for a certain amount of frames.

Sorry for the loaded question here, this will be my first animation and I appreciate all feedback!

The problem could be due to perspective effects.
Try moving the layers a little closer together in the
Z-Axis (like really close) since they’re parts of the
same object.

Thank you for the easy fix! Didn’t expect that to work as well as it did, they just needed to be very very close on the Z-axis.