why does 'create steps on' alters more than selection

i’m trying to put a section of deformation animation on 2’s and leave others on 1’s, so i’m selecting the desired frames and using the ‘create steps on button’, the little stair step button in the timeline. however, despite its description as only affecting a selection of frames, it is instead always affecting all the frames on the entire layer.

bug? advice please?

also- is there a visual indication of this effect on the layer somewhere? that would be really handy, like making the solid line dotted or something.


Never used that but It left the area before the highlighted section unaltered while the highlighted and rest of the exposures after the highlighted area all the way through to the end were effected when I was experimenting.

You need to expand the curve or bone and then make motion keyframes between the sections
you want to put on 2s and in each motion graph (offset Pos: X, Offset Pos: Y…Length) click the
stepladder icon and enter the Start (keyframe) value, Stop (keyframe) value and hold (2).

There is a different tool to consider for taking a section and making it 2’s while the rest is on 1’s. This appears to me to take less steps after seeing what is required for the Create Steps button and I have verified that it does only effect the highlighted segment.

I admit I am not certain of the resulting effect you are expecting to see. When I experimented with the Create Steps button the result in the area effected was identical to that of this other option Create Keyframes On. The difference being that this option only effected the highlighted segment as you wanted.

You highlight the beginning to end of the desired section and click on the Create Keyframes On button. A window will pop up where you would enter “2” in the “Every Number of Frames” field and you would have the opportunity to enter specific frame numbers for the start (“First Frame”) and finish (“Last Frame”) of the section if your manual selection was not accurate.

It is part of the Timeline View menu added by right-clicking on the upper bar of the Timeline or through the main menu Windows => Toolbars => Timeline View.

The button icon is a landscape oriented rectangle divided vertically in thirds with a keyframe dot on the two outer segments.