Why Do You Have To Be So Difficult TBS?

Bought version 5 TBS, received CD, loaded it and there were NO instructions for installing. Nothing. Looked up something online and it said ‘drag TBS icon to App folder’ which I did. It did not load the app but only an alias (Zero K) even though I entered product code and received “authorized successfully” dialog. I brought in someone much, much more techie than I and he finally gave up noting that I am supposed to contact support@tb for installing questions-there is no human beings available. (What!!??)

So I have installed the app, or so I am led to believe by the dialogs I am receiving on the computer screen generated by the TBS CD. It says everything is authorized and activated, but there is no app that is loaded into the Applications folder–only a Zero K alias. AND it says that my computer’s architecture cannot support it.

I have a Mac Intel 10.5+, dual core with more than enough memory, etc.

The latest wrinkle from SUPPORT is I must wait for Administrators to ok my e-mail address before Support can help me. Instead they say try looking at Knowledgebase, which is useless. I NEED A HUMAN BEING. I TRULY BELIEVE THE ANSWER TO MY QUESTION IS A HUMAN BEING. I NEED TO ANIMATE. DEADLINES LOOOOOM.

Hi there,

I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time here. You say you have contacted support with this issue? Because we really do have humans working in this department that will be glad to help you with this installation issue.
Make sure you’ve sent your specific information to support@toonboom.com .

I hope this helps,


I’ve been involved in 3 Toon Boom Studio installs and each one is exasperating beyond belief. After speaking to someone I was up and running in10-15 minutes. There were lots of miscues by TB website, the CD is not the way that TB allows installs anymore, you must download the software. After each of the 3 install experiences I wanted to pull my hair out. Once I talk to a human to resolve my install problems I have never (knock on wood) ever had to ask for additional support. Everything runs smoothly.

I am animating at Home now! No more 60 mile round trips to town and back. Yay!


Glad to hear you’re up and running :slight_smile: