??Why Do You CHOOSE Animate Over Other Products????

I know its easy to talk about what we dont like about a program, but what is it about Animate that sold you? Why do you choose to use Animate over other products? Or do you use Animate in conjunction with other programs besides the obvious ones like After Effects and post production programs.

I don’t have terribly great reasons.

Basically I like writing and wanted images to go with my ideas so I bought toomboom studio.

I was able to convince myself I deserved Animate as a present :smiley:

Generally I like the ease of animating and how fast you can get a good scene going.

I also really like the interface (which is a huge plus over flash from everything i know). It has the illuision of being simple because of how well it is set out.

It was also a no brainer for me because I wasn’t insterested in swf files, I just wanted plain boring video.

It has all the features I need as an animator(drawing tools, camera, IK,pegs, symbols, effects…), so I don’t have to run around with my scene from one software to another. It can be used for traditional hand drawing animation(optical peg registration) and for flash/cut out animation as well. Right now, after one month of working on it, I am finishing one clip, 2,5 minutes of hand drawing animation(drawing, scaning, colouring, compositing) I don’t think I could make it with some other software.

I am an old school artist so the harsh vector lines of the others put me mentally into inking mode and not create. TBA’s soft pencil look lets me create in the software instead of needing to import. So big time savings for me.

To me very simple, Toonboom’s products are focused towards Artists and Animators. Flash was more focused on programers. The features found in Tb’s products is what we have wanted from other companies for years.

Wow, very interesting reading all of your reasons. Seems like most people here have mainly only tried other vector animation packages like flash. Has anyone tried anything else? Like for example I love using TVpaint, it has a scene manager, and it feels like paper when I draw. I love Animate because it does everything else in a superior way as far as coloring,camera movements/ inking.

i dont use IK either because I frame by frame myself, however I did find myself using for 2 scenes that were like slow motion animation scenes :smiley: Sometimes its good to combine approaches and techniques : D

because of tb’s advertisements keep on bugging me its ‘all in one’ package! i like the painting and morphing tools and i upgrade fm tbsv5 for $299…which all this time i really need a scene manager!
ok we hav had debated on whether animate needs to have a scene manager or not, but i saved myself fm buying other software to stitch all of the scenes during my tbs years! i just hand over my animations to the production studio and get my money!

i didnt choose, i was sold!

i started using toon boom studio because of the price. it’s an incredibly good value. i also have storyboard (the really-doesn’t-integrate-with-anything version, not the pro version) and was planning on upgrading to pro.

a couple of people recommended tvpaint, so i tried that out. nice brushes but it wasn’t a value. i’m a wannabe, so price is really important. for what it costs in the US, i think that it should be easy on a beginner. that was one of the things i liked about tbs. i was productive pretty quickly.

then toon boom came out with the great upgrade offer and it works with storyboard pro, too. i could not resist. and, aside from the screen manager, i’m happy that i did the upgrade.

I was a long-time Flash animator, had the Trick or Script plug-ins that made Flash work better as an animating tool. but didn’t need (or want ) all the scripting stuff (i.e. Action Script).

Tried Moho (now Anime Studio) and drawing on it was okay, but really involved and not suited well to frame by frame animation.

Then I tried ToonBoom Studio and really liked it. Upgraded to Animate and am quite happy with the outcome.

I chose Animate over other programs because

The way Colors are done (i.e. a “live” palette that changes all the instances of a color when you change the palette color). This enables me to create specialized palettes that I use/import to create rough sketches that I can refine. I have a color palette that has semi-transparent colors that I use with my “ruffs” pen that has about 60% opacity and use that to sketch into Animate.

Drawings on a layer can be displayed in any order, that is the Layer can store drawings and through the timeline, Xsheet or library preview I can determine which drawing will appear in which frame. And that’s exactly how I used the Graphic Symbol in Flash. In Studio and Aninmate it’s how the program works, so big plus on my end.

Being able to create new brushes & window layouts really easy. The tools all make sense to me after spending a few days buried in the User Guide.

Layer-based effects. Unlike Flash, I don’t have to worry about types of symbols and which works with what. It just works.

* Finally, forums and support like this are great and becoming all to rare. Especially with Flash, support is all too fragmented. Here in ToonBoom land, I really get the feeling that there’s a company that listens to users (how’s that text tool, huh?) and a community that is very helpful. Big Props to Lilly V, who really is helpful and does what great teachers should do, make us think. Thanks!

I’m signing off before I start to sound too much like a fanboy! ::slight_smile:

There is a theme here, most of us upgraded from TB studio so clearly that is a good path for advertising for Toon Boom.

I have to admit I barely opened the PLE for animate for before going from studio to animate.

LOL we are all fanboys Mike. To better Illustrate that, I set up my DVR to record all the Grossology episodes and I sat down and imagined how each frame and FX where done in Animate. How’s that for Fanboy? :stuck_out_tongue: I would Kill to have the chance to open up a DIGI file of theres and Dissect it.

I too had Alan Camino’s Trick or script plugins that did improve flash, but not enough to stick with it. I never tried Moho, and I did download TvPaint but did not like it.

I hope Toonboom keeps this relationship with it’s customers when they get BIG like Adobe.

Thank you all for your support. We value our relationship with our customers, and I personally really enjoy reading all the feedback and seeing all of the projects that you guys are working on. You inspire us! So keep up the good work.

Toon Boom Support

In my case, as editor and motion graphics designer rather than a pure Animator, the first approach was with TB studio. For fun.
I didn’t need it, I’m just good in drawings and always dremt of doing something, of this skill, sooner or later.
In my profession I’ve learned to use different tools, depending by my needs time by time and I thought that TB Studio was damn worth its price when I saw it the first time. I did some cartoons in my past with very unusual tools, workstations that weren’t meant to work in that field and since then I kept wishing that I would have done more in the future.
TB Studio I found it’s just… sweet for its purpose, you don’t get just the tool but you get in a total inspiring atmosphere, if you know what I mean. Drawing capabilities are something I’ve barely advertised of my self since it can be very stressful to me to draw if not emotionally involved in what am doing and TBS gave me that nice feeling in drawing which I was so looking for.
When Animate came in, just I couldn’t resist. I’m not making money of it, however I know that it’ll come the time of payback, I’m sure.
I have my own Adobe Production Suite CS4, and I had to do a job for print, lets say character design (many). I tested immediately Animate with it (and immediately found some limitations) drawing my characters there, which feels so nice and intuitive, really flying with it, but then I had to go back working in Illustrator 'cause Animate’s unhability to export vector-based still images (.ai, .pdf, .eps). It was fine, you couldn’t say which of my characters were originally drawn in a software or in another but… it wasn’t so… great drawing in Illustrator.
May be this is one of best skills with TB: when I work with TB software I never get scared of drawing a lot, I can see a VERY big picture before I start drawing knowing that I’ll manage to get it. Other solutions might be more flexibile but how do you get rid of that “computing” feeling you carry all the way through…
I don’t see any of TB products like an all-in-one solution, that’s utopia, yet I don’t believe there’s a better way to chew cartoony art in this business.

And I definetely agree with those ones who said that Support is great and the community is fab, which makes a great plus value.

May the Force be with you. 8)