Why do they animate in Flash and not TBS?

Awhile ago I came across a behind the scenes clip on YouTube of how they made the cartoon series Kid vs Kat. It showed all the steps they went through to produce a show. (This clip has been removed since then, but I downloaded a copy before that happened.) They also showed how they made their characters in Flash and also used it for the animating. Their work is pretty impressive.

So my question is, why animate in Flash? Isn’t TBS more suited for animation or is it just personal preference or what? Perhaps they just haven’t “discovered” TBS yet. I dunno. I’ve never tried animating in Flash, but if a top notch studio is using it, maybe I should give it a look.

Flash is best suited for interactive web site design. It has animation functionality but is far from as complete as TBS and certainly not as complete as Animate. So unless you need the interactivity aspect such as you would for slide shows or games etc. You would be far better off with Toon Boom. Many people and studios started off with Flash years ago before Toon Boom evolved to its current levels, some are still staying with Flash while many others have made the switch particularly since the introduction of Animate. We use both TBS and Flash. But we only use Flash to add in interactivity to things like our slide shows. Once you have mastered TBS, going back to Flash for animating is not a pleasant experience, as so many features are missing. (these are strictly my own opinions)-JK

Hi; Im new here but have the same dilema: flash or toonboom....<br />I have many years of experience in classic animation - animation, layout, storyboard, a.s.o....see also this, if curious___ http://ahoble.wordpress.com/my-worx/ - and now im between these two options and dont know what to do.<br />On one hand I like TBS much more than flash as it has the options that Im used with, since working using animation paper…on the other hand is the need to use an extension recognized by flash be cause my animation must be integrated in flash for the final result.
I used the plug-in for importing tbs files in flash and it seems its ok; the "brain" tells me to use flash but my "heart" tells me to use tbs ....<br />I heard that both softwares use the same animation engine so I wonder why on earth cant they use the same names of the options ( i.e : tbs doesnt "use" symbols" but has "elements"....aa.s.o. ).<br />Being used to DRAW I hate the idea of letting a software make the inbetweens and than modify them...to me; flash looks like a software for accounts and secretary; for someone who cant draw…