Why do the nodes show in the camera preview but when movie is exported NO node animation shows up?

I have the Sparkle node on one of my layers and I have and I have animated the sparkle through the timeline. Looks great in preview. BUT!!! “Here comes the frustration”

Why when I export out the movie it shows NOTHING!!! But in the camera preview it shows the sparkle node working?
Is there a how to or am I missing something.

I am using the newest update of Harmony 12

Hi edC_31950

At least, is the movie created? Do you have any issue exporting movie?
If exporting movie is not an issue, which option you have used for the movie export? If you are using Premium and have used File>Export>Movie, can you confirm which Display you have selected on your scene and when exporting movie? With Premium, the movie will render based on which Display module you have selected.
If you are using Advanced or Essential and has no exporting movie issue, please contact support@toonboom.com since we need the scene for more information.