Why do my posts show as "Guest"?

I’m registered and all. It may be due to the fact that I didn’t put my e-mail address in the previous post so I am on this message as sort of a test.

Hmm still shows up as “Guest”…

I didn’t have a product registered in my profile so I registered. This is a test to see if it works now.

Logged out and back in again test.

Clearned my cache and cookie data test.

Go into your profile and set the “Name” field. It’s the last in the first section and the name that is displayed on your postings.

When I click on “profile” I get

An Error Has Occurred!

The user whose profile you are trying to view does not exist. – 580547

It makes me think my account is messed up somehow. Thanks for the help mdhender. I’ll be sure to set it once I can get to my profile.

I had a similar problem today, I logged in and found my profile was completely gone and using some randomized username, and showed that I had only made one post (I had at least 20 or so in the past week). Very weird…

Someone (moderator or customer support) created or fixed my account profile, and the problem has since been resolved.

Hi guys,

We had a little problem with the forum. It should be fixed now.

Sorry about that.


My profile is gone again :frowning: