Why do I keep get redirect to toonboom.com.cn? Is that website legit?

Hi all.

I want to know if toonboom.com.cn is legit? Because anytime I’m trying to access store.toonboom.com , the page always get redirected into that addresa, and my web browser warns me that the website is not safe.

Could anyone help me on this problem? Btw I’m from Indonesia not from China.


Sorry for the delay. Yes the website is legal. It is the China (Asia) branch of Toon Boom. We have established in 2017 and cover China Region. The IP range maybe cover Indonesia but the customer service and other services are tied to Global. If any questions feel free to email directly there and we will receive it for customer service.

Sorry for the confusion but we are here and able to assist if there is a customer support related question.

For access outside the IP range you may need a VPN (but I am not sure what the service provide IP range is giving at this moment.


Tim Giovanni
Training Director
Toon Boom China