Why Do I have Jaggies? TBS trial noob

Hi all:

I’m a little confused here? I though vector art was supposed to be nice and smooth. However, my TBS lines are quite jaggy. Sure, I can scale my image up and down, but the jagginess remains. Am I missing something here? I’d like to send some approval images to a client, but with the jagged lines, I don’t believe I should.

My Illustrator vector art doesn’t have this issue? What’s up?

TIA for any advice, comments, help.

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Hi Norm,

The reason why the line may not look as smooth in the software is because we did not activate the Anti-aliasing by default in the software to improve its performance. This being said you can trigger it on my going to the top menu Edit>Preferences>Display tab and then change your renderer to OpenGL (instead of Direct3D) and check the OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing option.

Restart the application and you should see a different in the software itself. As for the export format if you export to bitmap you will for sure get some sort of jagginess in your lines. This being said an export to vector format should be as smooth as it can be when viewed in Flash Player or any other vector editing software.

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Thanks. I figured it was something simple. I just received a shiny new 8 core workstation with 8 gigs of RAM. Performance probably shouldn’t be an issue. ;D

Thanks again.

I find exporting to Quicktime has jagginess in the results using PAL 1024 x575 with no compression. It looks better at 2K. To make a movie and get a better result is there another pathway to get a movie other han Quicktime? Ultimately I want to get to DigiBetacam for broadcast. But I have not yet got the desired result.


If you do an export in Quicktime with the compressor set to None you should get a no compression movie (which will be quite big but in full quality). You can also export as an image sequence and make a movie of whichever format you want in an editing software afterward.



Thanks Ugo
I have done some tests with export to QT with no compression and also image sequence to After Effects and also TB to Flash to QT, all with different results. Its good that TB is flexible in its output.