Why do control points of trajectory path only work on 3D path?

Hello, I would like to know why the control points for shaping a trajectory path of an animated layer can only be added on 3D Path.

I am used to work with cut out characters entirely built in separate and I would like to benefit of this wonderfull option too.



Hi,The Control Point system actively apply it’s values on all of the positioning functions of a layer. Since the Separate option isolate each graphs the current method use to affect control point cannot be applied. It would need to be redesigned to work in Separate mode to. I could send this as a feature request though this would mean redesigning the function or at least creating a new methodology for that specific case.Best regards,Ugo

Thank you Ugo.Indeed, it would be great if this could be integrated in a future version.This would be very usefull.Cheers,Stefman