why animatePro Ple transform tool can not work under winXPsp3??

why animatePro Ple transform tool can not work under winXPsp3??

transform tool can’t move\rotate \resize drawings or pegs…
no cross cursor appear.

no useful------> reinstall

anyone help me ??thanks!!

Just replied in your other thread - but try updating the drivers for your graphics card. What graphics card are you using currently?

thanks .but i think its not drivers problem .I use transform in camera view.and the transform tool works —!!very well!!!-----under win2000 on the same machine…

same maching same driverssame operation systemanimate PLE (not PRO!!) its transform tools works->> well!!!really don’t why!!!thands for help me

Animate PLE and Animate PRO PLE are very different, and so it is possible that something could be working on one and not the other. Just because Animate PLE works does not mean that it is not a driver issue.What graphics card are you using? Have you updated to the latest drivers for that operating system?You mention being able to run it just fine on Windows 2000 - however the thing is that the drivers will be different depending on which operating system you use. So the drivers might be compatible for 2000 but not for your other OS. What is the OS that you are trying to use? XP, Vista, Windows 7? Are you on a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating system?