Why Animate doesn't export pdf or any vector based format?

Since it’s a feature in TB Studio, I really don’t understand why Animate can’t export a pdf or any other vector based format…

I could have chosen to draw my character directly in Illustrator and it would have been just fine, instead I decided to use Animate 'cause I’ve got the feeling that my client wanna ask me to animate it later on and strong by the smooth experience with TB Studio I thought that was worth to use Animate. Wrong again.

Now I understand better why there’s Studio, Animate, Animate Pro, Harmony… Shall we make tinier pieces more?? ::slight_smile:

yeah i dont understand why certain features from ToonBoom Studio arent in Animate. I also noticed that was missing awhile back but maybe someone can suggest another solution to saving as a pdf. Maybe theres another vector based save file you can use. But you can open Illustrator files in Animate, but Ive never tried it man.

Hi All,Just now I figured out two ways to have a pdf of your drawings in Animate. Didn’t test that much but at least with my drawings (involving gradients fills) it went well. I like to get easily things done so this is my first (quick) choice:In Animate, select your art you’d like to export and go to the top menu: Play/test SWFmovie. Run it and a Safari (on mac) window shall pop-up showing your export. Pause it, check out that the current frame is the one you wanna make as pdf and right-click on top. Choose: print… and then “save as pdf” and it’s done!I’ve opened the pdf in my Illustrator and looks fine. I would recommend to use line & color art layers and flatten as much as you can in Animate in order to avoid some mess up with strokes/fills order in Illustrator but I personally didn’t have any problem with my test.The second way (a little slower) is thanks again to the SWF export option. In this case we’ll use Flash to open the file, preview it and following the steps above exactly in the same way in order to obtain a vector pdf from it. Maybe Flash could be useful for having more control on your file but honestly I’ll keep going with the first way.Hope someone may find this useful and please correct me if I’m doing, either saying, something silly.Cheers,Federico 8) ;D