Why am I missing options in my brush tool menu?

Im watching the video tutorial for toon boom animate and the woman in the video is explaining how to change the settings for her brush but I don’t have those options and my brush is extremely limited.

Im using toon boom animate pro 2 so shouldn’t it be the same?

yep, TB Animate Pro 2 and Animate Pro 3 is different.
Brush options are also different.

simple and direct answer

*edit ok now I see what you are talking about. For what ever reason the first half of the video series is filmed in animate pro 2 and then the screen cap is filmed in 3 thats why I didn’t see the difference.

But we both have the exact same version. We both have animate pro 2.

Ok so we both have the same version or at least animate pro 2 but im missing all of the advanced brush tools or the brush properties panel. You can see on the left she has all kinds of extra sliders when pushing some button that doesn’t exist in mine. My brush tool is all limited. I don’t even have an option to have an end taper hardness or texture scale

Iv been looking for hours and I can’t find any reason why I don’t have those same options

If you tell me the exact name of the video I can see whether or not you are mistakenly believing you should have features that are only available to version 3.

Please post the video title exactly how it appears.

Which video are you referring to?

The brush features inherited some enhancements from Harmony in version 3.

All of videos in the animate video tutorial her brush settings have all kind of sliders and chanages that mine doesn’t. I took a screen cap above you can see on the left is from the video and on the right is mine and mine has a lot less features.

There are videos online ranging from version 1 to version 3 of Animate and Animate Pro.

Version 3 introduced the multi-sample pencil and brush properties display.

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