White Splotches in Drop Shadow Effect


I’ve used the drop shadow effect a number of times, and there appears to be some inconsistency in its effect that I can’t figure out.

In a previous scene, when I applied the shadow I noticed that in some frames there were slight, white gaps in the shadow (for example between the character’s head and body elements). Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was because some of the different mouth positions (bottom of the jaw) did not overlap completely the top of the neck, which is part of the body element. I simply went and created a longer neck on my body drawings and this solved the problem. I compensated by making the neck quite a bit longer than I needed to, in order to make sure there would be no future gaps if I created new mouth positions. So basically, the painted mouth elements are overlapping the painted neck/body elements. The shadow, however, appears as a normal shadow despite this overlap. This suggests I solved the problem of eliminating white gaps - i.e. make sure the elements overlap enough.

However, in a different scene with the same character, there are very large white gaps appearing in the shadow when I drop it in. I assumed the same solution would work, so I tried overlapping those parts more (again, mostly the mouth and neck areas, but in some frames, the eye elements are appearing as white gaps in the shadow). This time though, it actually made the problem worse! The overlapped areas themselves caused the white gaps; in other words, the more I overlapped like-painted sections of different elements, the greater the gap would appear in the shadow. This is the opposite of the problem before. I don’t get this. What am I doing wrong? Why are some frames for the head and eyes for example, appearing as normal head shadows, but others appearing as head shadows with a white, eye-shaped gap in them?

I tried to explain this as best I could, so I hope someone out there understands and sees where I’m going wrong. I know it has to be something I’m doing, perhaps at an earlier stage, that needs to be done differently, but am not sure what that might be.

Thanks for the help in advance.



Do you get this in your rendered scene or is this only apparent in the Drawing/Camera view. If this is a drawing view issue it may simply be some graphic artifacts. If you do see it in the render view too try to zoom in on the characters section that has a hole in the shadow and see if there is some thin paint line missing.



Okay, will try that and come back with results.