white screen on camera view

I’m using toon boom harmony.

I usually draw on camera view and one of my scene(file) has a problem now on camera view.

Everything worked well last time and I saved it.

However, when I opened it again, every color dissapeared on camera veiw.

Strokes are still there because when I click it I can see the outlines, but everything is white so I can’t see them!

Palettes are there and layers are able.

I think it’s kind of setting problem, but I can’t find what it is.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 11.20.05 PM

How can I attach screenshot here?

As for the white bitmap layer, I’m using vector layers, so I think that’s not the factor.

Perhaps you left the light table on with a white bitmap layer in front?
Post a screenshot of the software window, showing the timeline and
node view windows.

You can’t do it directly, post a link to where it’s stored on
the file-hosting service of your choice.

Finally I got how to use google drive to share my screenshot.

Sorry for late uploading.


Is it possible the colour card is attached to the camera or over lapping all artwork/layers, have you tried turning that off or removing to see what happens…

Cheers, Jason

Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro User


Oh, as you said, I turned off the colour card and everything appears now.

I think I’m misusing the colour card.

Really thanks for your help!!