White outline issues with exported frames.

Hi all! I am using TBS to create animated characters for a game in Construct 2. I import and vectorize a pre-drawn image add bones to it and animate it. Then I export anywhere from 4 to 8+ screenshots into a separate folder on my PC. I then go into Construct and import the animation strip. So at first glance there are my frames, and everyone of them has white all around the image, supposed to happen I guess? I use the Construct image editor and select the paint bucket with alpha set to 0 and click on the white. That gets rid of all of the white except for an unsightly white outline around my character… It just looks bad. Is there any way to get rid of that without having to trace over each of the characters frames with the eraser tool? I have tried using a 0 alpha paint bucket in TBS before I export the frames but that just turns the entire layout transparent character and all. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Click Options button in Snapshot windows and options button again in Eport Image Sequence Settings to set it as ‘Mililons of Colors +’ to have alpha channel.