Which tutorial can help with this specific style I'm going for?

I want to make cartoons that, simply put, look as similar as possible to golden age (40’s/50"s) Warner Bros./Disney/Fleischer cartoons in design.
If anyone knows what I’m getting at and knows the right info, please let me know.
Thank u all very much.

(You posted your comment in the Studio sub-forum so I am taking it that you plan to use TB Studio)

A good place to begin is to learn everything about Toon Boom Studio.


Learn everything you can about frame-by-frame animation, including traditional hand drawn and computer assisted techniques.





A good source of interesting information on animation (Choose Animation, Instruction and Theory from the top menu bar under the title graphic):


There are not that many tutorials using Studio specifically however if you know what it can and can’t do while you learn about the frame-by-frame animating process you will be able to sift out the information you need.

(Don’t worry about the Studio version so much. There are enough similarities between old and new to gain from the video tutorials that are available.)

Here is a basic TB Studio tutorial made by a user that I found useful:

Part 1 & 2:



Here are several snippets from paid tutorials covering a wide variety of topics:


Most people move up to one of the more robust programs if they are serious about making a quality animated cartoon so you do not see sophisticated tutorials using Studio. IMO it is a stripped down program that you can get a taste of cartoon animation with but it is not really a user-friendly beginner program. Even though there is more to learn using one of any of the programs above Studio in the Toon Boom hierarchy the tools, interface and methods are more robust and refined facilitating the process. There is a large library of official and decent user tutorials made for Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony as well.

Whoa! So much to check out all at once! You, sir, are awesome! Tanks so much!
I figured that Studio would be a decent start for my project. My budget says that too.
If I can learn the right buttons to push in the program, I think i can pull off a smooth clip, hopefully. I’m having a problem with the program shutting down on me with the usual “stopped working” bogus.