Which Toon Boon product?

Ok, a few questions.

I’m new here, so hi to all. I want to make a mini movie but need to purchase Toon Boon, but not sure what one/ version? (for MAC)

I want to make a mini animation or logo if poss, that I can insert into iMovie (if possible)

Also, to make the mini series I have In mind. I’d like to be able to scan, and insert the pictures into Ton boon then animate it. Kinda like a 2d film, rather than 3d?

Or simply just stick to cartoon style. Is any of this possible? If so, which version do I buy?

Appreciate any help.


My advice is look at the fact sheets and compare. Also try the PLE versions.

The things you say are possible with Animate but I have never really scanned anything in.

For advanced vectorization and scanning you probably want to go with Animate Pro.