Which Software Should I Choose?

Hello all,

I want to create some basic geometrical animations (lines, circles, triangles, cubes, boxes etc…) along with following restrictions:

1- I must be able to interact with the animations created. Interaction with mouse events (click, drag etc), keyboard events, data entry like in edit boxes etc.
2- The animations must be web oriented/web friendly. (I must be able to put those animation on webpages)
3- Should require less programming (not as we do in Java Swing/2D/3D applications)

Which software is best for this situation? Maya, 3ds Max, Adobe Flash CS3, DirectX etc. etc. ??

I am a newbie and dont know much about animation softwares.

Really appreciate your valuable help.

Best Regards

FLASH best meets your requirements, any version from MX on up. -JK


Is it “Adobe Flash CS3 Professional” or something else?

Because i have found some others like “Adobe CS3 Design Premium/Web Premium/Master Collection” etc. I am confused !

By the way is there any freeware software for such purpose?

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, or standard or Flash 8, or Macromedia Flash MX2004, or MX they are all various versions of the same software. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional is the most expensive version, if price is an issue try to find someone who wants to sell one of the earlier versions like MX. I don’t know of a freeware alternative that would meet your stated requirements. Check out this forum which is Flash oriented-JK