Which graphics tablet should I buy?

I am intrigued to know what graphic tablets people use. I want to buy one for me.
Should I go for this one?

Model: CTL490DW
URL : http://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/pen-tablets/intuos-draw

That looks good to me if you want it as a hobbyist. I used this for professional and personal use: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wacom-Intuos-Touch-Tablet-PTH851/dp/B00EN27SMY

I want to buy one for professional use. The one you suggested is out of my range. Can you recommend an alternative?

get wacom, no matter which one, stick with your budget, after you will want to upgrade in the future :wink:

you will be ok

If you work with a big screen, a medium size tablet should be better than a small one. Wacom recently renewed their “non-professional” line, introducing models Art, Photo, Draw and Comic, which are all basic the same - they could just have called them simply Intuos and make them available in red, blue, green and yellow -, but only Art has M size. If you can’t afford the M size for now, sure, go for the small. As themonster says, it will work and you can upgrade later. If you work with a small screen, like a laptop, S is quite OK, but even with a larger screen it will get the job done.

The main differences between the Pro and the other models is that the Pro has twice the pressure sensitivity (2048 vs. 1024) and has tilt recognition (60 levels), which is the same as the Cintiq. If you do serious, subtle and sophisticated art professionally you will eventually want to upgrade for the Pro or for a Cintiq.

Luis Canau

Go for the medium sized version of that one. That should be big enough. Just don’t go any smaller. :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my question. If you could only suggest whether I should go for Wacom Model CTL-671

http://www.wacom.com/en-in/products/pen-tablets/one-wacom-m .

You can check specifications as well.

The Wacom One seems to have been released only in some markets (India, Asia…?), I wasn’t familiar with it. It seems to be a relative of the discontinued Bamboo (there was a Bamboo model called One). The basic specs seem to be the same to this range (below the Intuos Pro), that is, 1024 pressure points. By comparison with the Art M you just miss the touch option. To me that’s irrelevant, I always turned touch off in the tablets I’ve been using, and I would gladly pay less for a tablet without touch. A minor quibble might be in the location of the cable, in the middle of the side, while the Intuos Art has it on the top side corner, so it gets less in the way.

Luis Canau

I heard that the Intuos is compatible with ToonBoom. It’s on the site actually. But an even cheaper tablet that I use in the XP-Pen 03, and I haven’t ran into any problems yet. It has 8 express keys, a larger workspace, and the pen doesn’t need to have a battery or be charged. Hope this helps! :3


Hey, I have a wacom drawing tablet, but I can’t get the pen to work in toon boom. Ive used it on another program before, so its not defective, I just cant get it to work with toon boom.

A Wacom Cintiq is really too expensive for my budget so I thought XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Screen Drawing Tablet was a good option. toonboom is the most important software I use. I can now use pen pressure and pen tilt in Toonboom,

I’ve been extremely happy with both my Wacom Bamboo and XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro .

The Bamboo is entry level, cheap, and worked fine. I prefer my XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro obviously, but there was never anything wrong with my bamboo. It tracked perfectly. It did not hold me back in any way.

and my Artist 15.6 Pro has been worth every penny. It solves my dual screen problem and I feel like my lines have become sharper and smoother ever since I started using it.


Mac tablet is good for professional.

I’m thinking of going with this one:

Is it compatible with toon Boom?

Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Drawing Tablet with HD Screen 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - 19.5 Inch

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a great table, I treated myslef to one a year or so ago and its great but for years I used, and still use occationaly Wacome Bamboo Pen CTL-470 this was only about £30 10 years ago, it still works great. I think the more up to date budget model is called One