Which file formats does Quicktime Like?

TBS 3.5 manual says: "TBS only supports the sound formats recognized by QuickTime, with one exception: Flash ADPCM format, which we support natively.

I have QuickTime 7.2 installed on this machine (don’t know how it got there - must have been pre-loaded when I bought it) - but I don’t own Flash.

In the QuickTime version I have, the ‘save as’ feature is greyed out. Does that mean I have to purchase QuickTime PRO to be able to find out which file formats ToonBoom can accept from QT?

I know nothing about audio - a friend suggested I download Audacity, which I did - will it work?

And if so, which file format(s) should I save in?


I’m guessing that you have a Mac, since they come with Quicktime installed. You are good-to-go! You can import any of the common sound files into Toon Boom Studio, i.e. AIF, WAV, or mp3.

The “save as” feature which is grayed out in your free version of Quicktime is, as you know, available in QT PRO but you don’t need it for TBS . . . it’s really handy for saving QT movies from the internet to your desktop. I shelled out $30 for QT PRO specifically for that feature, which has allowed me to build up a great collection of animated videos which I can study frame-by-frame while playing back in QT.

Audacity is a great, free program for recording and editing audio which you can then save and import into TBS. Can’t beat it. Save your files in any of the above formats.


Thank you so much, Ron.

Actually, I’m Windows… guess I got lucky!

It’s good to hear that Audacity will work. I have a nice microphone - time to see if I can give Mel Blanc a run for his money!

I’ll also open Audacity and see if I can figure out a way to download music files with it. The song I’m after is the “Carol of the Bells,” and I’ve already found at least two versions on the web that I can hear. If not - I may try to either whistle or hum it for my Christmas card! lol

I see your point re: downloading QT movies. I’ll keep it in mind.

thanks again,


Interesting . . . I didn’t realize that pc’s were available with bundled QT, although I’m not really surprised.

You don’t need Audacity to download music files. Just Google “Carol of the Bells” and you’ll get a whole slew of sites offering downloadable AIF, WAV, mp3, and MIDI versions, as you’ve probably discovered already. I believe on Windows you just right-click and “save as” to get it onto your computer. From there, launch TBS and import to a sound element.

MIDI files, which are data files only with no sound, are readily available for many songs. If you can only find a MIDI file, you can use a MIDI-to-audio converter program like this, which you can download and try for free. This will allow you to convert any MIDI file into an audio file which you can then import into TBS.

Afterthought: MIDI files will play through either QT or Windows Media Player, I believe, so you might want to see if WMP allows you to save a MIDI file in a WAV format.


I believe on Windows you just right-click and “save as” to get it onto your computer.

Correct. I guess the two I’ve tried already were both QuickTime files!

I’ll look for other versions, and as you say, they are sure to be out there. In the meantime, it’s good to know that Audacity will be a good start.