Which course to start with?

I went through the ‘How to Create your first Harmony project’ course about a year ago.

Now I’ve come back to harmony advanced, and I was wondering which course are best to go through for a beginner?

If you look through ‘learn’ there seem to be a lot of different pipelines you can follow, so I’m wondering which is best?


This is not the precise answer you are most likely seeking but I would suggest that you read and watch everything on Toon Boom software animation you can track down using Google. Even when the lesson/tutorial is based on an older version there are gems to harvest.

Also avoid going into a passive mode watching and reading. Try to do the work yourself. There is a whole different world to explore when you actively use the software. You will have EXPERIENCE vs. book sense.

You can do a search of this forum for various sources of good tutorials. It is a topic that has come up many times and such threads exist.

Here is one:


Toon Boom Studio is no longer supported or sold by Toon Boom. Maybe she can consider the Essentials version of Harmony. In any case, if she’s a student she can get any version of Harmony at the special discounted price for students. For a student project a monthly subscription might be a good option.

I would like to ask you a question. Is this service is cheap or higher price?