Which animation program should I buy?

My goal is to make about 50 videos that teach people how to manage successful dialogs rather than failed ones. Two people (dating, married, parent-child, worker-employer, or friends) can learn communication, connection, conflict resolution, family of origin conflicts, job interview, and making new friend skills. Only the heads, shoulders, and arms will be visible during the discussion. Some will have voice over comments from me as an authority (psychologist) in interaction. These 10-15 minute dialogues will be available on my website (www.newlifeseminars.com). Comments welcome.

Thank you, Marie-Eve. Your suggestions are very helpful. Adrian

Good evening,

I would recommended Harmony Essentials. It’s the entry level and contains all the features you would need for your explainer videos.

If you want to read through some of the basics, you can take a look at the Getting Started Guide, particularly the automatic lip-sync, drawing and animation. Once you are more comfortable, you can explore cut-out, camera moves, effects and animation paths.





I hope this helps!