Where's the brush?

i am using the TBS 4.5 trial version trying to see if i like the software. everything seems pretty good, except for the brush tool. when i try to use the brush my cursor disappears over the drawing table. this would be a nice feature for an on-screen drawing tablet but i have the intous3, i have to draw on the tablet. how can i get the cursor to show up? or is this just a bug in the demo?


There might be something on your machine interfering with the cursor change. Try to set your theme do default on Windows for it may be that the cursor we try to change to does not actually exist in the theme you are using on your machine.

Also try to get the latest version of your video card drivers. Next try disabling any desktop skin application that could be running on your machine.

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hey hey,
setting my precision select tool in mouse prop’s worked.
thanks for the info.